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Our World and Celebrations Overview

themes-3In the Autumn Term 2016 we are using a theme of  Our World and Celebrations to enhance children’s learning through play.

We will do this by taking the children on nature walks and visits in the local area.  We will encourage children to make close observations of their surroundings and the changes which happen outdoors; between sunny September and cold December .  

We make lots of opportunities for the children to visit our animals and learn about caring for them.  

We will collect items on our walks to use in the craft area.  

We will link into special days in this term such as Harvest, Halloween, Guy Fawkes, Diwali, Thanksgiving, St. Andrew’s Day and Christmas to give the children meaningful and relevant experiences.

Children will have the opportunity to go to our local Theatre to watch ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’.  We will then use this experience to create many learning opportunities in the setting and at home to inspire imagination and love of books.