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Happy Memories

All four of my children and a great number of my friends children went to Sandcastles. I cannot recommend or rate this excellent setting or the wonderful, friendly, conscientious, caring, helpful, brilliant ladies who go above and beyond for the children and their families, highly enough. All of my children (my eldest now 20 my youngest 7) all loved Sandcastles and the staff, of which some are still there from all those years ago and looked after all 4 of my children despite the huge age gaps. I think that speaks for itself. They are still fantastic now as they were then. As well as the newer staff members. I always recommend Sandcastles but tell people not to take my word as everyone has different expectations and standards but tell them to visit the setting for themselves, confident in the fact that they will love it from the first minute. It’s friendly, welcoming and you feel at ease the second you enter the door. Thank you to you all for many many happy memories from me and on behalf of my children. You’re all wonderful. Xx

Heidi Ince