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You are welcomed in by a member of staff on the door. Coat pegs are situated at the far end of the setting to encourage parents to come right into the setting.
At the beginning and end of the session, we roll out our brightly coloured rug.
Children have the opportunity to help prepare their own snacks.

We offer a lunch club for those children taking both a morning and afternoon session.

Cost £5.00

The defined areas are resourced around our children’s interests and skills. Your child will have complete freedom in choosing their play, indoors and outdoors, supported by caring and sensitive adults bringing learning opportunities into their play.

Our tortoise Tilly is a popular part of our setting. Your child will have an opportunity to prepare Tilly’s food, clean, handle and care for her.

Your child will be encouraged to sit at a table and share a book with a small group of children, before we open the door.